Time for your Life…


                                        We can use technology, but technology should not use us. We can manage everything for life but not life for everything.

The only way we can save our life from today’s stressful situation is systemizing good life style and not compromising it in any way.  

Do you have the habit of speaking in your mobile all the time or sitting in front of computer anytime or eating any food at anytime? Then your life is bound to be stressful and your head will be always burden. Is it?

An unsystematic life style will always lead you in trouble. The only solution you have to understand is, create a system in your life. You have to be strong on your decision and practice first for 30 days.

Fix time for your office calls; do not talk more than that time. Try to stop your office works in your house or create time frame.

Work is for your life. Life is not for work. Your company may get a person like you, but your spouse will not get a husband/wife like you. And your children will not get a mother/father like you.

If you are not there, what is the meaning for your hard work? You can keep stressing your life for many reasons, but your heart, kidneys and your brain does not know your problem in business.

Do not think medicines can save you . even it will not save doctors, if their life style is unsystematic.

Take a break and plan for your peaceful life or your life has to break in-between your travel.


 Friday Resolution

“I resolve myself to systematic life style and fix time for exercise, prayer, laughing, travel, trekking and other part of life than business.”

Your profession may have target but your life is not for target. Peace and happiness is only the target of life. If you achieve target in your business and lose peace you are life misses its meaning.

Fix time for everything.

Be with nature.

There is a time to work.

There is a time to sleep.

There is a time to relax.

Namaste & Blessings.

Guruji Arul